To be fair to all customers, all goods in our stores are sold at fixed price. Our staffs are NOT
allowed to mark up or mark down the price, so please do not bargain. 为了公平对待所有顾客,本店货品一律以定价售卖,员工不准擅自修改价格,请别讨价还价。

RETURN [ 退还 ]
Keys, remotes, RFID cards & tags duplicated but not working properly can be returned within 7 days. Products that are working properly are not returnable. 复制了的钥匙、遥控器、感应卡等若不能正常操作,可于7 天内退还。操作正常的物品,请恕本店不能接受退还。

Goods in its original condition and packing can be exchanged for another item of similar or higher value within 7 days. Keys and remotes are not exchangeable. 包装完好,没有用过的物品可于7天内交换同等或更高价值的产品。遥控器和钥匙一概不可交换。

REFUND [ 退款 ]
Refund will only be given if we are unable to rectify, repair or replace the defective goods. Refund will be given in cash, less the provider’s charges if the original payment is made by Nets (1%) or Credit card (3%). Customer is required to sign a refund form if the amount refunded is more than S$20.  产品只有在不能修理、替代或纠正的情况下才能给以退款。退款一律以现金支付,如果顾客先前以NETS 或信用卡付款,所退款项将扣除银行费用(NETS 1%,信用卡3%)。若退款超过$20, 顾客必须签署一份退款表格。

12 months warranty is applicable to remotes, RFID cards/tags, transponder keys and key shells subject to the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY”  以下产品保用一年:带芯片钥匙、遥控器、感应卡,钥匙壳。保用条件请参阅这里

NOTE: [ 注意 ]
1. All returns, refunds, exchanges and warranty repairs must be accompanied by the original sales receipt. 所有退还、退款、交换与保用修理都必须呈上原装收据。
2. Soxxi Master at its sole discretion will rectify, repair, replace or refund as it deem fit. 对于有缺陷的产品,本店有权决定最恰当的处理行动。
3. We reserve the right to amend the store polices as and when it becomes necessary. 我们保留在必要时修改商店政策的权力。