We are able to duplicate most types of RFID cards / tags commonly used for house, condo and office door access.  It doesn’t matter what is the form of your original tag, we can duplicate it to the form of your choice:

  • Colourful RFID Tags – Yellow / Green / Red / Grey 
  • Zotag – 12 Personlised Zodiac Sign RFID (Aquarius / Aries / Cancer / Capricorn / Gemini / Leo / Libra / Pisces / Sagittarius / Scorpio / Taurus / Virgo)
  • Mini Tag – 15mm diameter (can be incorporated into your existing key fob, wallet, mobile and auto-gate remote etc. to achieve 2-in-1 purpose.
  • Standard ISO thin white card (1mm thick)
  • Standard Clampshell card (2mm thick)
  • Wristband — Kids going downstairs will not lose it!
  • Vehicle Car park gantry access card

RFID Keycard Duplication Services: 5 Things To Know

Waterproof RFID wristband, best for all types of sport activities like swimming, jogging, hiking, kayaking and sauna etc.  Size can be adjusted to suit the wrist of kids, men or women. Low and high frequency available, copy your usual RFID card or keyfob tag to this stylish wristband and enjoy your sports without any hard objects poking in your pocket or the worries of losing it.

2 in 1 Low + High Frequency Tag

It is not uncommon that you have to carry 2 separate cards/tags, one for condo gate/office and another for your house door. With our dual frequency tag, you can have them combined into 1 handy tag. So start decluttering…