Duplicate RFID access card
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has nowadays been widely used in security control door access. Almost all new condominiums are using RFID tag for opening of gate, lift and main door. Recent years, many traditional door lock manufactures also jumped onto the bandwagon and produced digital door locks for offices and homes. 
RFID tags come in different finishing like card, keyring fob, coin tag, sticker and wristband etc. to suit different needs.  They are often referred to as condo card, electronic key, access card or keyfob tag. Whatever the physical form, usually they are coded with the respective makers’ data format like EM, Mifare, HID, Kaba, Iclass, Indala and Legic etc.
The physical look is not the determining factor of whether a RFID card/tag can be cloned, it is the data format that matters. Regardless of how your original card / tag / keyfob look, as long as it is a data format that we are able to decode, we can clone / copy /duplicate it to any of the following designs of your choice:
  • Colourful RFID Tags – Yellow / Green / Red / Grey 
  • Zotag – 12 Personlised Zodiac Sign RFID (Aquarius / Aries / Cancer / Capricorn / Gemini / Leo / Libra / Pisces / Sagittarius / Scorpio / Taurus / Virgo)
  • Mini Tag – 15mm diameter (can be incorporated into your existing key fob, wallet, mobile and auto-gate remote etc. to achieve 2-in-1 purpose.
  • Standard ISO thin white card (1mm thick)
  • Standard Clampshell card (2mm thick)
  • Wristband — Kids going downstairs will not lose it!
  • Vehicle Car park gantry access card
All in one RFID key
As RFID access control becoming more and more widely used, it is not uncommon nowadays for people to carry more than one RFID access cards/fobs. Common scenario will be one for main gate, the other for house door and others for offices and even parents’ or in-laws’ houses.
We are able to combine up to 6 cards/fob into just 1 card. Visit us today to have your pocket decluttered !
orange wrist band
mixed bands

Waterproof RFID wristband, best for all types of sport activities like swimming, jogging, hiking, kayaking and sauna etc.  Size can be adjusted to suit the wrist of kids, men or women. Low and high frequency available, copy your usual RFID card or keyfob tag to this stylish wristband and enjoy your sports without any hard objects poking in your pocket or the worries of losing it.


RFID access control is popular because you do not have the hassle of carrying the heavy traditional key and manually operating it. Nowadays many people have to carry two or more RFID card keys in their pocket. Unlike traditional keys, you can combine two or more RFID key into one. With our 2 in 1 SOX-DUO keyfob tag, you can have any of your two cards or fobs combined into one handy keyfob tag regardless of high or low frequency.

2 in 1 RFID Tag by Soxxi Master
Duplicate Rfid card