Since ancient time, people have been using keys to lock things up. The metal key has proved remarkably resilient, even though electronic locking devices have become ever-more popular these days. No matter what, there will always be a physical key as a backup. Through the years, the increased demand for higher levels of security brought about a radical change in key technology. Long gone are the days where your neighbourhood hardware stores simply pop a correct blank into their old school machines and hand you a copy in a few minutes.

Now, the market includes multiple tracks combo keys, laser-cut keys, dimple keys, tibbe keys, tubular keys and cruciform keys, among others, for a multitude of applications. Based on Silca Italy catalogue alone, there are more than 60,000 models of keys in existence. The result is that key-cutting machines that performed excellently for decades no longer could cut many of these keys. That is why we equipped ourselves with a comprehensive range of Silca electronic machines. With cutting-edge technology, not only can we copy your keys precisely, but we are also able to copy and correct your worn out or broken keys as well as cut a new key by code if you have lost all your keys. If you need to copy a key that you have trouble getting it done elsewhere, look no further than Soxxi Master. We copy your keys with highest precision possible, full refund if the keys copied by us cannot work.

Yale appointed key duplication centre  (YDM/YMF SERIES)

We use genuine Yale key blank to ensure perfect fit and quality.  Avoid inferior copies as they will damage your high quality lock.

Flat Keys (Single Side)

We carry a large range of flat keys for all applications. Single sided flat keys are commonly used in house lock cylinders, padlock and furniture lockers.

Flat Keys (Double-Sided) for Cars

Double-sided key blanks are usually used for automotive locks like cars and motor cycle.

High Security Keys (Internal / Laser Cut Key) for Cars

High Security Car Key is also known as wave key, laser key or snake-cut key. There are different types of track : Internal / external / 2 tracks & 4 tracks. Mostly used on vehicles.

Simplex Keys

Simplex keys are used for Citroen and Peugeot vehicles.

Tibbie Keys

Tibbie keys are used for car model like Ford and Jaguar vehicles.

Bits Keys

Bit keys are commonly used for metal gates and safes.

Dimple Keys

A dimple key has a rectangular blade with various cone-shaped dimples drilled into the face of the blade at various depths.

Abloy Keys

Abloy keys are cut from a metal half-cylinder. The cuts are made at different angles, so when the key is turned in the lock it rotates each disk a different amount.

Rectangular Disc-Lock Keys

Rectangle Disc-Lock key blanks are mostly use in Padlock, letterbox, etc.

Tubular Keys

Tubular key has a hollow, cylindrical shaft that is usually much shorter and has a larger diameter than most conventional keys. Commonly used in computers, POS system cash box, cupboards and vending machines etc.

Cruxiform Keys

A four-sided key (also known as a cross or cruciform key) has four sides.