General Questions

1. What is your opening hours?

We open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Public holidays.  Please always refer to Contact us page for notice or changes.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, NETS, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, UnionPay, PayNow and Fast transfer by bank.

4. How do I go to your location?

Please refer to Contact us page for map and instructions.

5. Where do I park when I reach there?

Please refer to Contact us page for map and instructions.

6. Do you provide call-out service?

Yes if the job scope is clear and straight forward, No if the job requires specialised tools or server connection that are only accessible at our service centre.  Price is expected to be much higher for call-out service considering transportation cost and time loss in commuting.

7. Do you provide pick-up and delivery?

It depends on the type of products and services involved. If it is feasible we are happy to do so. Please contact 88330107 or 91140988

8. Do you have an outlet near me?

We have consolidated all our resources under one roof since the beginning of 2019. There is no more franchise outlets, the address of our sole Service Centre is 37, Jalan Pemimpin, #07-16 Mapex, Singapore 577177. (Bishan area opposite Marymount MRT Station) Hotline: 8833 0107

Products & Services

1. Do you provide lockout service?

Yes we do. Please contact 8833 0107 or 9114 0988.

2. Do you repair car remote? If yes, how much?

Yes we do.If you know exactly what the problem is and want us to repair accordingly, we can quote you the price straight away otherwise there is a minimum charge of $30 for troubleshooting. Final repair cost can then be quoted based on the result of troubleshooting. It is usually not worthwhile to repair very old or low value remote.

3. I bought a key shell online but I don’t know how to change it, can you do it for me?

No problem, please visit our shop or contact 8833 0107 or 9114 0988.

4. I bought a car remote online, can you help me to program it?

Yes but make sure it is the correct match to your receiver as service charge is payable if the programming failed due to your remote problem.

5. I bought a key online, can you cut it for me?

Yes but make sure the measurements of the new key matches your existing key precisely otherwise it might not work and we will not be responsible for it. Accuracy of key profile is not visible to naked eye.

6. I have a rare key, are you able to duplicate it?

Yes as long as we have the key blank; otherwise we can custom fabricate it for you.

7. What is the difference between Duplication and Fabrication?

To duplicate a key, an uncut key (key blank) with matching dimensions and grooves (profile) must be available. If there is no matching key blank available, then it has to be fabricated first before duplication can take place.

Sales Questions

1. Do I have to go back to the car agent to make another remote/key?

There is no need to, we carry a wide range of genuine original car remotes and keys.

2. Is your Genuine car remote/key the same as what I will get from the agent?

Certainly, whenever we describe it as Genuine, we guarantee it to be 100% original.

3. How much do you charge for duplicating a house key?

It depends on the key types and material. We easily have a few thousand types and the price difference is very big. Please visit our shop to get an instant quote or send your enquiry through our web enquiry form.

4. Is there a cheaper option for duplicating house key?

Some keys do have cheaper alternative if you don’t mind the quality. We strongly recommend Silca Brand from Italy – Recognised worldwide as the best quality in keys. Read More

5. How much do you charge for duplicating a car key?

Depending on make and model, you might have several options. We need to check your key, transponder type, security system and your choice to give you a correct quote.To get a quote, please send your enquiry through our web enquiry form.

6. Is there a cheaper option for duplicating a car key?

Car key/remote is either original, aftermarket or compatible. Original key is controlled and usually quite standard in pricing, if you are quoted a much lower price, chances are it might not be a genuine original key. Aftermarket/compatible key is usually cheaper but only available for some car models. New car less than 5 years old is not advisable to use aftermarket or compatible.

7. Are all your car keys/remotes original?

We carry both original and aftermarket replacement. If we describe it as Genuine, we guarantee it to be 100% original.

8. How much do you charge for duplicating an access card/tag?

There a many different door access system in the market though their cards/tags look almost the same. We need to check your card before we can provide a correct quote.To get a quote, please send your enquiry through our web enquiry form.

9. Could you give me a rough quote?

We always have people who insist we give a rough quote over the phone even though we do not know exactly what they want and usually they do not want to or are not able to provide technical specifications. If you just want a figure without knowing what you are quoted for, we can quote you any price you wish to accept!  Make sense?

If you want a serious quotation, please submit the required information through our web enquiry form or head down to our service centre to get a quick check.

10. Why do you need my chassis number?

Chassis number is required to search the vehicle database. We need to know the exact specification of the key used on your car so that we can quote you the correct price and let you know the options you can take.  You can’t pick a remote base on physical look as it might not work for your car and the difference in price could be a lot even if it looks the same.


11. Where can I find my chassis number?

Chassis number is also known as VIN or FRAME number. You can find it on your car at several locations as well as in your car registration paper known as LTA log card. If you don’t have the paper or car with you, you can also login to LTA website to check. We can also help you to check if you provide us your vehicle number and the last 4 digit of you IC.

Technical Questions

1. Will you be able to duplicate my car key if my car is not present?

No problem if it is only a mechanical key. For transponder key, it depends on the type of chip. For remote, most system requires the car to be present for programming.

2. All my car keys are lost. Will you be able to provide new keys?

Yes for most models. Please Contact us for the best solution.

3. Will you be able to combine my Auto gate and car remote?

We can do that for many systems, check it out at our service centre.

4. Will you be able to duplicate this access card/remote (picture shown)?

Please bring it to our service centre to test. We are not able to “see” the data or determine the type of system from your picture or over the phone unless it is a known brand/format that we have done before.You can try to submit your enquiry first.

5. I lost a set of my car remote and key, do I need to change my locks for security reason?

Mechanically we can rekey your locks without changing them, electronically we can erase or reset the system. Please Contact us for the best solution.

6. I have a remote from my previous car and I wish to program it to my new car, is it possible?

It depends on the type of chips used on the remote and the car receiver system. Nowadays many remotes will be locked to the car once it is programmed. You may visit our service centre to have your remote tested or provide your car information for us to check.

7. My car key looks normal but a duplicated copy can unlock but cannot start the car, why?

If your car comes with factory immobiliser, a transponder key is required. Transponder is a small chip embedded in the plastic head of the key.  Many people mistaken transponder key for a normal key as it does not need any battery; it also doesn’t comes with remote control.

8. My remote was soaked in the washing machine and is not working now, is there still a chance to revive it?

Maybe, we have to check the condition, please bring it to our service centre.

9. How long will the remote battery last?

It depends on your usage. Generally 2 years for Genuine remote, 1 year for aftermarket remote and a few months for 2-way remote. It is highly recommended to change the battery every 2 years as a precaution as any downtime will certainly cost you more than the battery price.

Knowledge Base

1. What is Original remote/key/parts?

Original means the key/remote/parts are made and supplied by the respective car manufacturers or their distribution partners.

2. What is Genuine remote/key?

Genuine means original parts made according to the respective car maker’s specifications. It is the best option for newer cars as it is made to fit perfectly to your model matched by chassis number. There are many counterfeit in the market though. If you do not want to end up getting a doubtful one, only get from reputable source like Soxxi Master and ask for a written warranty.  Every genuine remote/key has a factory part number, if they do not know, you should decide whether to trust them.  Also try to compare the price with the authorised dealership, it is usually slightly cheaper but not a far cry difference. If you are offered a dirt cheap price, you should already know it is doubtful.

3. What is OEM remote/key ?

Made by the same factory of the genuine parts but sold without brand or in other brands. Although OEM automotive car parts are common, especially general consumables like spark plugs, air filter and tires etc., it is not so for keys as it involves security and intellectual property. Most of the so-called OEM keys in the market are ambiguous. Usually the car makers would not compromise their car security and intellectual property. Exercise your discretion if you are offered a so-called OEM remote/key.

4. What is compatible car remote?

Compatible means it is not made specifically for your car model but is able to work.

5. What is aftermarket car remote/key?

Made by other than the car maker’s authorised factory. Aftermarket keys vary significantly in quality and price. Some can be very cheap but usually of doubtful quality; in some cases they might even cause damages to your immobiliser system. Again, you should get from reliable source like Soxxi Master and insist on a written warranty.

6. Are the aftermarket/compatible car remotes reliable?

They will not be as good or as reliable as the original. We strongly recommend original especially if your car is new.

7. How do I differentiate the look-alike from the Genuine?

On close examination, the moulding of the Look-alike is usually quite rough and not as fit as the Genuine. The PCB board of Look-alike is usually also not as clean and neat. Unfortunately, it is really quite difficult for untrained eyes to spot the differences. To protect your own interests, only buy from reputable source and ask for a written warranty.

8. What is transponder?

For car keys, transponder is a tiny device usually embedded in the key head for sending and receiving data between the key and the immobiliser system in the authentication process. It works wirelessly and does not need a battery to work.

9. What is immobiliser?

Immobiliser is a security system fitted to the car that prevents it from being started unless the correct key (transponder) is present.

11. What is the Master key of a car?

It is the main key of the car. With the Master Key, you can unlock everything – the car doors, the boot/trunk, the glove box and the ignition. For newer cars with an immobiliser system, a Master Key is required if you wish to make a spare key for your car.

12. What is the Master key of a premises?

A master key is designed to open a set of several locks pinned according to the system. Contrary to popular belief, a master key cannot actually open any lock you desire.That is to say you cannot actually have a master key for your premises unless the locks are specially pinned for it.

13. What is the Valet key of a car?

The Valet Key does not allow you to open the glove box and the boot/trunk. With this, you can safely keep your valuables in the glove box or trunk when you hand over your car for valet parking.

14. I have other questions not found in the FAQ, who can I ask?

Please email your questions to

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