Dimple key duplicated

You are not alone!

Everyday we have customers telling us that they visited shops after shops but not a single one can duplicate their keys. Why is it so, isn’t their keys normal? The fact is most keys look normal to the laymen!

There are several reasons the shops you visited can’t duplicate:

First, they do not have the blank (uncut key) that matches your key profile, width, length and thickness. There are easily thousands of them in circulation, so it is simply not possible for them to have all you need on hand especially if it is a small shop. Second, they do not have the correct machines for the job. A typical key duplication setup has only two low end machines which is only good for the easiest job. Last but not least, the lack of relevant skills and experiences.

As a professional key duplication center, we have a fleet of 10 manual and 5 electronic machines to serve you. If you are having a hard time getting your keys duplicated, visit us for a better chance!

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