Duplicate broken key
Can you duplicate broken key?

This is a question many customers asked.  Yes, we can still duplicate but expect the cost to be higher than normal duplication. This is because professional skills and knowledge are required. Sometimes we also need specialized software and electronic cutting machine to fulfill the job if the damage of the key is too severe.

So if you break your key, do not panic, bring both pieces to us and let us cut a perfect working key for you.  We would also like to share some knowledge on why keys break so that you can take precaution.

Why keys break?

  1. Not cut precisely – Key must always turn in the lock smoothly and effortlessly, if you have to jiggle or use force, it is a sign of poor duplication.  Our advice: Always duplicate at professional key duplication shops.
  2. Poor material – Going by experience, most customers do not bother or even know what material they get!  Materials used for making keys are iron, steel, brass, nicker silver, aluminum or titanium alloy. Our advice: Avoid iron, steel and aluminum if you have the choice. Pay a little bit more for titanium or nicker silver if available otherwise brass is okay.
  3. Aged – Every time you use your keys, they got worn out a little bit. After years of use, it might reached a point that opening is difficult and you might unknowingly use more and more force until it snaps.  Our advice: Get a new key duplicated when the edges are already rounded.
  4. Improper use – At times we are guilty of using our keys to pry open a can or cut open a parcel. Our advice: Keys should be used as they are, do not use them as multipurpose tools.
  5. None of your fault – Nope, you didn’t read it wrong!  Some cuts are so deep that breaking it is only a matter of time.  The manufacturers of the locks should avoid deep cuts near the shoulder of the key where the torque is usually exerted.

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