RFID Door Access Card


We are able to clone / duplicate all types of access control using low & high frequency Radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards or tags. Commonly used for house, condo, office door with digital access control or electronic lock is the low Frequency (125KHz) RFID Door Acess Cards / Tags. Beside doing the normal cloning to the white card 1mm or 2mm thickness, you can also choose other range like:

Colourful RFID Tags - Yellow / Green / Red / Grey 
Zotag - 12 Personlised Zodiac Sign RFID (Aquarius / Aries / Cancer / Capricorn / Gemini / Leo / Libra / Pisces / Sagittarius / Scorpio / Taurus / Virgo)
Silm Mini Tag - 15mm diameter (can be incorporated into your existing keyfob, wallet, mobile and auto-gate remote etc. to acheive 2-in-1 purpose.

We are also be able to do instant duplication or provide direct cloning of the High Frequency (13.56MHz) RFID Door Acess Cards / Tags 

Digital door locks using ISO14443 cards:
Gateman Model - Gateman MX540, Gateman Tugu, Gateman Glass, Gateman Smart, etc.
Yale Model - YDM 3109, YDR 3110, YDM 3107, YDM 3106, YDR 3110, YDR 3108, etc.
Samsung Ezon - SHT-6020, SHS-5120, SHS-DL50, SHS-5020, SHS-7020, SHS-1320, SHS-2320, SHS-3120, etc.


It is not uncommon that you have to carry 2 separate cards/tags, one for condo gate/office and another for your house door. With our dual frequency tag, you can have them combined into 1 handy tag. So start decluttering...

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