RFID Door Access Card


The quality of access card/tag is determined by the chip. We provide Life Time Warranty for original chip.  Available in thin card, clamshell card, mini tag and keyfob tags in various designs and colours.

We are able to clone / duplicate all types of access control using low & high frequency Radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards or tags. Commonly used for house, condo, office door with digital access control or electronic lock is the low Frequency (125KHz) RFID Door Acess Cards / Tags. Beside doing the normal cloning to the white card 1mm or 2mm thickness, you can also choose other range like:

Colourful RFID Tags - Yellow / Green / Red / Grey 
Zotag - 12 Personlised Zodiac Sign RFID (Aquarius / Aries / Cancer / Capricorn / Gemini / Leo / Libra / Pisces / Sagittarius / Scorpio / Taurus / Virgo)
Silm Mini Tag - 15mm diameter (can be incorporated into your existing keyfob, wallet, mobile and auto-gate remote etc. to acheive 2-in-1 purpose.

We are also be able to do instant duplication or provide direct cloning of the High Frequency (13.56MHz) RFID Door Acess Cards / Tags 

Digital door locks using ISO14443 cards:
Gateman Model - Gateman MX540, Gateman Tugu, Gateman Glass, Gateman Smart, etc.
Yale Model - YDM 3109, YDR 3110, YDM 3107, YDM 3106, YDR 3110, YDR 3108, etc.
Samsung Ezon - SHT-6020, SHS-5120, SHS-DL50, SHS-5020, SHS-7020, SHS-1320, SHS-2320, SHS-3120, etc.


It is not uncommon that you have to carry 2 separate cards/tags, one for condo gate/office and another for your house door. With our dual frequency tag, you can have them combined into 1 handy tag. So start decluttering...

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