alarm mantiz 2016

  Features Description:
  • Auto Lock & Arm
      The car will lock automatically and enter into armed state 1 min after all doors are closed if you forget to arm it.
  • Auto Re-Arm
      If you unlock the car / disarm the system but did not open any door within 25 sec, the doors will be re-locked, and the system enters into
    armed state again.
  • Arming Reminder
      When the car is stopped, 10 seconds after the last door is closed, the siren will emits 4 beeps to remind you to arm the vehicle.
  • Auto Central Locking
      15 sec after the doors are closed and the engine started, the doors will lock automatically if the brake is depressed. 15 sec after any passenger alight, the doors will automatically lock again for security. When the ignition is turned off, the doors will unlock automatically.
  • Emergency Override
      If the remote transmitter is lost or failed, you can use the key to open the door. But the alarm will start to sound non-stop, and the car will not start. Turn the ignition to ON position and press the reset button. This will turn off the alarm and allow you to start the car so that you
    will not be stranded.
  • Door Opened Warning
      By default, if any door is opened in driving state or unarmed state, hazard lights will flash to warn other road users. Flashing will stop after 15 seconds or immediately if the door is closed back.
  • Mute Arm
      To lock the car and turn on the alarm without sound.
  • Anti-Hijack (Optional)
      The engine will be cut off and immobilized in 15 sec or immediately. Signal lights will flash and siren will sound continuously.
  • Find Car (Optional)
      Find car by light and sound (In non-mute armed state), the signal lights will flash, at the same time the siren will emit for 15 sec.
  • Trunk Release (Optional - Saloon Car Only)
      Remotely release trunk (boot) except hatch back, MPV, SUV etc.
  • Two-Stage Shock Sensor (Optional)
      If there is a mild vibration, signal lights will flash 5 times, siren will emit 5 beeps. If there is a strong shock, signal lights will flash and siren will emit for 27 sec.
  • Add or Erase Lost Remote Transmitters
      Please visit the installer for further assistant.

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