All YALE standard safe models covered.
YSS/520/DB2   YSS/380/DB2
YSS/300/DB2   YSS/250/DB2
YSS/200/DB2   YLS/200/DB2

Safe won’t open due to dead batteries or forgotten combination? 

Bring it to us for no damage opening.  We can also make a replacement Tubular key on the spot.


We open all TSA locks fitted on luggages, padlocks, luggage stripes etc.  Do not force open your expensive luggage, bring it to us for instant opening without damage. 

rekey car locks to prevent unauthorised opening

If you are worried about someone else opening your car with your lost keys or unauthorised copies, we can rekey your door lock with a new key. Of course your lost remotes must also be deleted from the system to prevent opening by remote control.


If your car remote is broken or not working properly, you can bring to us for repair. Common problems with car remotes are: broken shells, dislodged buttons, water damage, unresponsive, intermittently not working or simply not working.  Most of the time, they can be repaired instead of complete replacement.

engrave / marking key

If you need your key to be engraved or marked with key codes, descriptions or names, we can do for you professionally.

engrave key tag / id tag

Permanent engraving of id tags, key tags, luggage tags etc. on metal surface.


cut key by code

Ever wonder what the numbers on the keys/locks or aluminium tags are?  They are the key codes, with key code software and electronic code cutting machine, a new key can be cut to open your lock without the need of your original.  This is useful if you have lost all the keys or cannot bring the key to us for duplication.