Soxxi Master Lifetime Warranty



Soxxi Master Lifetime Warranty -- Best value for your money!

Always looking for the cheapest price when buying something?

However cheap, any amount paid is still hard-earned money down the drain if the product doesn’t live up to expectation. You should look for the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet your requirements. 

Not all RFID access cards are made equal and you can’t differentiate them from physical appearance. We stands by ours with Lifetime Warranty!

Make the right decision, choose Soxxi Master RFID cards with Lifetime Warranty and have peace of mind for years to come.



Soxxi Master TSA Keys

Forgot the combination of your TSA luggage lock?

Do not pry open or break the lock; the damage is permanent. Do not call a locksmith either, that will be too expensive!

Show us the image of your lock, we can provide a matching TSA key for you to open it.

Soxxi Master @ Toh Guan Relocating

Toh Guan outlet is moving from #01-11 to #06-11 within the same building. The shop will be closed for 3 days (April 18-20, inclusive) for the moving process. 

Business will be back to normal on April 21, we hope to serve you again at our new shop on the 6th floor. It is a ramp-up unit, customers can drive right to our door front. 

Thank you for the attention and continuing support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Enquiry: 91140988

锁匙大师卓源店将从同一建筑物的#01-11搬迁到#06-11。 搬迁期间店将关闭3天(4月18日至20日)


感谢您的关注和持续的支持。 我们期待着很快见到您。查询:91140988

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We are now able to duplicate ultra high frequency (UHF) VEHICLE ACCESS RFID CARD.

Such system are usually used in private car parks. If you are not sure whether your card is UHF, please send a photo to 91140988 or visit 158 Kallang Way #07-07/08/09 Singapore 349245.

Dual Frequency Door Access Card


It is not uncommon that you have to carry 2 separate cards/tags, one for condo gate/office and another for your house door. With our dual frequency tag, you can have them combined into 1 handy tag. So start decluttering...

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